About Classical House of Learning Literature

About Classical House of Learning Literature

Classical House of Learning Literature guides are based on the classical model of education as outlined in books such as The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Revised and Updated 10th Anniversary Edition) by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer.  Classical House of Learning Literature guides are born out of my own experience homeschooling my children and my desire to have an open-and-go, easy-to-use program for family read aloud books and independent readers for each of the four history time periods.  Eventually, each time period will include selections for Grammar Stage, Logic Stage, and Family Read Alouds.  I have finished Grammar Stage for the Modern Age and Ancient Times and am now working on Logic Stage for Ancient Times.

What’s Included

Each week of lessons in Classical House of Learning Literature revolves around a particular time period, historical event, genre, and/or or author, using appropriate picture books, original classic literature or adaptations, quality fiction, and/or poetry.  Each lesson includes a short biography of the author or background information, reading assignments, comprehension and discussion questions, narration suggestions, vocabulary, vocabulary work, copywork, and suggestions for chapters from The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer, and additional project or activity ideas.  I specifically chose simple activities using items you are likely to already have on hand because I personally prefer not to have to make extra stops for specialty items.  My time is stretched enough as it is!  Each Materials Needed page lists what is required.  Where appropriate I have included writing assignments.  Note: Because of the variety of handwriting line formats, you may wish to substitute handwriting paper familiar to your student.

While it is ideal for you to read what your student is reading for maximum discussion possibility, I have written this with the knowledge that homeschooling parents are stretched thin.  I have read all of the books in this program and I completed the assignments so that you can understand what’s going on even if you didn’t have the time to read the book with your student.  Starting with Grammar Stage Level 2, student pages give the reading assignment and questions without answers so that the student can work independently.  Parent/Teacher pages include the questions and possible answers for ease of use.

You might not get to all of the activities or books included in the guide.  Please pick and choose the ones you feel are best for your student or family and don’t feel guilty about the ones you miss!  I designed Classical House of Learning Literature to be adaptable.

New Revised Format

I have revised the format due further research and experience. I’ve been using this program with my children and have noticed that my oldest daughter in particular really hates writing down answers to questions.  I’ve also listened to some of Susan Wise Bauer’s audio lectures, including “What is Literary Analysis? When, Why, and How Should I Teach It?”, “A Plan for Teaching Writing: Focus on the Middle Grades”, and “Great Books: History as Literature”.  I’ve realized that she is totally right about not making children write too much and that forcing children to do a lot of written work can kill a love of books.  The point of Grammar Stage is to learn to love stories.  It is for this reason that I’ve revised the format of CHOLL to be less writing-intensive and more like The Story of the World activity books, which have narrations and review questions along with additional activity ideas.  I’ve omitted discussion about literary devices for Grammar Stage because it doesn’t seem appropriate to include it.  Please foster your children’s love of stories by implementing this program in a way that keeps that love intact!

Visit my samples page to see how the program looks.

Multiple Age Groups

As the mother of five children, I have experience with students spanning a wide age range.  Classical House of Learning Literature: The Modern Age for Grammar Stage uses selections appropriate for roughly grades 1 – 4 (ages 6 – 10).  Grammar Stage is divided into two groups.  Level 1 is for Pre K – 1st/2nd (ages 4/5—7/8) and Level 2 is for 2nd/3rd – 4th (ages 7/8—9/10), depending on the child’s ability.  Students on the cusp between two levels may do best picking and choosing lessons from both.

4 Responses to About Classical House of Learning Literature

  1. Sally says:

    Fascinating site. Much good information.

  2. Shelly says:

    Thank you for the literature resources! They are very thorough, and we will be using the Ancients material for the upcoming year.

  3. Pam F says:

    I recently found your site and I can’t tell you how excited I am that you have put together a secular, literature based history curriculum. This seems to be exactly what I have been looking for (and was starting to think that I was going to have to write myself, but your computer skills are obviously way better than mine.) Thank you so, so much!

    That said, I can’t get the links for the logic stage ancient curriculum lessons 1-7 teacher pages or student pages to work. Can you help?

    Thanks, Pamela Frohn

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