Reading List for Unit 3, Logic Stage

I still need to add page numbers for the encyclopedia.

Unit 3 Reading List: Logic Stage

Logic Stage students may also enjoy titles listed under Grammar Stage Level 2.

Literature Options

□  *Aesop’s Fables by Ann McGovern

□  *The Tale of Troy by Roger Lancelyn Green (the Iliad)

□  ^Black Ships Before Troy:  by Rosemary Sutcliff (the Iliad)

□  The Trojan War by Olivia E. Coolidge (the Iliad)

□  *The Odyssey by Geraldine McCaughrean (the Odyssey)

□  The Wanderings of Odysseus by Rosemary Sutcliff (the Odyssey)

□  Iris, Messenger by Sarah Deming (a modern girl discovers the Greek gods living in Philadelphia)

□  ^The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh (modern story based on the Underworld)

□  Lost in the Labyrinth by Patrice Kindl (retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur)

□  ^The King Must Die: A Novel by Mary Renault (retelling of Theseus)

□  Hercules by Geraldine McCaughrean (novel length retelling of myths about Hercules; other titles featuring other characters as well)

□  The Last of the Wine by Mary Renault (historical fiction featuring Sparta, Greece, the Olympics, and Greek customs)

□  *Tales of the Greek Heroes by Roger Lancelyn Green (Greek mythology)

□  Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault (Alexander the Great)

□  ^The Iron Empire by James Dashner (time travelers who have to save Alexander the Great)

□   I Am the Great Horse by Katherine Roberts (story told by Alexander the Great’s Horse)

History Options

□  KFHE:

□  HO1:  Part 2

o   Ch. 8: The Greeks and Their View of Nature

o   Ch. 9: The Greek Celebration of Man

o   Conclusion: The Power of Ancient Ideas

□  HO1:  Part 3

o   Introduction: What’s So “Classic” About the Classical World

o   Ch. 1: The Two Greek City-States

o   Ch. 2: Defending Greece: The Persian Wars

o   Ch. 3: The Age of Pericles

o   Ch. 4: A Fall, A Rise, and a Final Burst of Glory

□  SOSA:

o   Ch. 4: Ionia? What’s Ionia?

o   Ch. 5: The “A” Team

o   Ch. 6: Elementary Matters: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, Says Empedocles

o   Ch. 7: Being at Sea

o   Ch. 8: Worshipping Numbers

o   Ch. 9: Pythagoras Knows It’s Round

o   Ch. 10: Getting Atom

o   Ch. 11: Aristotle and His Teacher

o   Ch. 12: Does It Change? No Way, Says A

o   Ch. 13: Aristarchus Got It Right—Well, Almost!

o   Ch. 14: Alexander’s City

o   Ch. 15: What’s a Hero?

o   Ch. 16: Euclid in His Elements

o   Ch. 17: Archimedes’ Claw

o   Ch. 18: Measuring the Earth

□  Early Times: The Story of Ancient Greece by Suzanne Strauss Art

□  In Ancient Greece (How’d They Do That?) by Russell Roberts

□  Alexander the Great: Master of the Ancient World by Doug Wilhelm

□  Library Call Numbers: J 183.2 (Socrates), J 184 (Plato) J 509.223 (scientists of Ancient Greece), J 796.48 (ancient Olympics), J 935 (ancient Greece), J 938 (science and life in ancient Greece), J Biographies (noteworthy individuals)

Activity Book(s)

□  Life in Ancient Greece (Dover Coloring Book)

□  Greek and Roman Fashions (Dover Coloring Book) by Tom Tierney

□  Spend the Day in Ancient Greece by Linda Honan



□  Free end-of-chapter discussion questions for Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff:

□  Free discussion guide for The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh:

□  Free study guide for The King Must Die by Mary Renault:

□  Free discussion guide for The Iron Empire by James Dashner (scroll down for Book 7 text-based discussion guide):

□  Free lesson plan for Greek Mythology (7th grade):


□  Website with links for teaching about Ancient Greece:

□  Register for PBS LearningMedia to gain free access to videos on various relevant topics.

□  Free eyewitness accounts of ancient history:


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