Reading List for Unit 1, Rhetoric Stage

Unit 1 Reading List: Rhetoric Stage

As I mentioned earlier, I do not have Rhetoric Stage students, so this level of the guide is just a basic outline.

Literature Options

□  Mother Earth, Father Sky by Sue Harrison (historical fiction about an early American woman)

□  Child of the Morning by Pauline Gedge (historical fiction about Hatshepsut)

□  Ancient Egyptian Literature: An Anthology by John L. Foster

□  The Egyptian by Mika Waltari (historical fiction)

□  Murder in Mesopotamia by Agatha Christie (murder mystery set at an archaeological site)

□  Myths from Mesopotamia by Stephanie Dalley (Includes The Epic of Gilgamesh)

□  ^Gilgamesh: A New Rendering in English Verse by David Ferry (Mesopotamia)

□  Dawn of Empire by Sam Barone (historical fiction set in Mesopotamia)

□  Empire Rising by Sam Barone (historical fiction set in Mesopotamia)

□  ^Hittite Warrior by Joanne Williamson (Israelites)

□  ^The Bible (Israelites)

History Options

□  Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt by Bill Manley (Egypt)

□  Handbook to Life in Ancient Mesopotamia by Stephen Bertman (Mesopotamia)

□  The Book of the Gods by Chas Saunders (pantheons of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greek, Aztec, and others)

□  Josephus: The Complete Works by Josephus and William Whiston (Israelites)

□  Library Call Numbers: 202.11 (gods of ancient religions), 299.21 (Mesopotamian myths), 299.31 (Egyptian myths), 709.32 (art of ancient Egypt), 916.2 (ancient Egypt), 932 (ancient Egypt), 933 (Josephus), 935 (Mesopotamia), biographies of noteworthy individuals

Chapters marked with a hash sign (#) fall outside of this unit’s primary topic.

□  HOTAW: Part One: The Edge of History

o   Ch. 1: The Origin of Kingship

o   Ch. 2: The Earliest Story

o   Ch. 3: The Rise of Aristocracy

o   Ch. 4: The Creation of Empire

o   #Ch. 5: The Age of Iron

o   #Ch. 6: The Philosopher King

□  HOTAW: Part Two: Firsts

o   Ch. 7: The First Written Records

o   Ch. 8: The First War Chronicles

o   Ch. 9: The First Civil War

o   Ch. 10: The First Epic Hero

o   Ch. 11: The First Victory Over Death

o   Ch. 12: The First Reformer

o   Ch. 13: The First Military Dictator

o   #Ch. 14: The First Planned Cities

o   Ch. 15: The First Collapse of Empire

o   Ch. 16: The First Barbarian Invasions

o   Ch. 17: The First Monotheist

o   Ch. 18: The First Environmental Disaster

Activity Book(s)

□  Study and Teaching Guide: The History of the Ancient World by Julia Kaziewicz



□  Free lesson plan eBook that contains lessons on various ancient literature selections (including Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Biblical, Chinese, Greek, and Roman):

□  Free study guide for The Epic of Gilgamesh:

□  Free student study guide for Hittite Warrior by Joanne Williamson:

□  Free lesson plans for Biblical studies:


□  Free lesson plans about early humans and evolution:

□  Free lesson plan ideas for Ancient Egypt for all grade levels (use with any history books about ancient Egypt):

□  Register for PBS LearningMedia to gain free access to videos on various relevant topics.

□  Free eyewitness accounts of ancient history:


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