Overdue Update

I have not been able to work more on Early Modern. Between the new baby and a flare up of my autoimmune disease, my energy has been low and day-to-day homeschooling and living takes priority. I am hopeful that I will be able to resume the project soon.


About Laura

I've been homeschooling since 2005. I have six children (born 2000 - 2012). We are eclectic in our approach with a bit more Well-Trained Mind philosophy over anything else.
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10 Responses to Overdue Update

  1. Jana says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Heather says:

    I am sorry to hear you have been ill. Take care of yourself and enjoy your family and the new baby.

  3. Lexi says:

    I hope you are feeling better!

  4. We are so grateful to the work you’ve already put in. Take care of yourself & your family first!

  5. Janet says:

    I found your website through a Google search I did for Homeschool Literature. I’ve never heard of this program you’re using with your 7th grader. It’s worth looking into since she seems to be enjoying it.
    I wanted to stop my search for a moment, though, because of this last entry of yours. As homeschool moms, sometimes circumstances in life, whether it be health, birth of a baby, a move, or other trials, try to interrupt our homeschooling. Times like these we’d like for our children to be able to work independently and have peace knowing they’re learning. So I just want to recommend something that you may find helpful for your little ones. I use Time4Learning with my daughter and she loves the animated interactive learning. I originally found it when I needed to go back to work part-time. I love that it keeps a record of all her work and progress. I can print these reports, too, making record-keeping so much easier…and there’s no planning. But I love that it’s never a fuss for her to do T4L. She loves it. I know that somewhere on the website they offer a free trial if you do a review on your blog.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks. 🙂 We’ve used Time 4 Learning in the past. As this school year winds down, things are looking up. I will probably have to put my energy toward Modern for Logic Stage rather than completing Early Modern first. I will get back to it at some point, though.

  6. Kori Ellis says:

    Hi Laura, I know you are working on the multi-level curriculum these days. But I was wondering if you have the finished lessons for Grammar Stage Early Modern… or even your notes that you’d be willing to share. I hope you are feeling great, by the way.

  7. Holly B. says:

    I have downloaded most of your units you have created. Your lessons are great! I really appreciate the time & energy you have put in to creating & sharing these units. I hope you are able to complete the lessons or booklists for Early Modern before I get to it. I especially hope you are feeling well & your children are thriving! Thanks again for all your hardwork.

  8. Veronica says:

    Laura, thank you for all of this! I am amazed right now!
    What auto immune disease do you have? Mine is fibro and RA.
    😦 Blessings,

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