Middle Ages, Lesson 2: Arabian Nights (Grammar Stage) is finished.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to complete just the teacher pages at first. Then I will go back and make pages for each lesson.  Here is where you will find completed lessons for Grammar Stage Middle Ages.  This lesson includes My Sister Shahrazad by Robert Leeson.


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I've been homeschooling since 2005. I have six children (born 2000 - 2012). We are eclectic in our approach with a bit more Well-Trained Mind philosophy over anything else.
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4 Responses to Middle Ages, Lesson 2: Arabian Nights (Grammar Stage) is finished.

  1. Jenny says:

    I am amazed at what you have done and are providing for free!!! I did SOTW Book 1 this year and used Bauer’s study guide. While I liked it, I was planning to use Sonlight in addition to SOTW for Middle Ages next year so that I would have good literature suggestions for the ages of my kids, a reading schedule and questions. I am thinking your program may be just what I am looking for! I love that the independent readers go with the time period. Not to be pushy, I am wondering when you think you will have the Middle Ages completed for grammar level 2? I typically start my school year in July so I was looking to start middle ages then.

    • Laura says:

      I hope to get at least the teacher pages done by then (hopefully sooner). I can’t promise the student pages by then, but those don’t take long once the teacher pages are finished. 🙂 We start our new year in the middle of August.

  2. Jenny says:

    Two more questions for you. Do you think your Middle Ages program will be a good fit for a 3rd grader who is an advanced reader? I know you said you picked books for for an average 2nd grade reader. And, will you be also suggesting Read Alouds and a read aloud schedule for the Middle Ages?

    We are studying ancients now (on about Chapter 35 SOTW). I went ahead and ordered the books you suggest for ancients for the remaining part of the year and plan to try out your program for the rest of our year. Very excited!

    I feel so blessed you would share this with us and think that you would be able to sell this program one day. I am a curriculum junkie and a researcher by nature (I am a non-practicing attorney) and you are so right – there is nothing on the market like it. I too want and open and go program for history that uses good literature and gives you a schedule for readers and read alouds along with comprehension and activities that don’t require obscure items. One thing I want as well is geography so if I do use your program next year I will probably also purchase SWB’s Activity Guide for the map work. Thanks again!

    • Laura says:

      Some of the books would be easy for a 3rd-grader. My second dd will be 4th grade next year. For the GS lessons with easy books, I may have her read the LS selection. I will probably just have her read the GS book and a more difficult library book.

      I will look at making a read aloud list and schedule. 🙂

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