Moved the Classical House of Learning Literature Guides

I’ve moved all of the completed files to be on my website. Grammar Stage guides are here.  Logic Stage guides are here. Tell your friends! 🙂


About Laura

I've been homeschooling since 2005. I have six children (born 2000 - 2012). We are eclectic in our approach with a bit more Well-Trained Mind philosophy over anything else.
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3 Responses to Moved the Classical House of Learning Literature Guides

  1. Erin says:

    When I head to your website and click on the lulu link for the first 7 lessons of logic stage ancients, it doesnt show up anything. It says the user has not published any content yet, am I doing something wrong?? Thanks!! Your program looks awesome!!

  2. Dee P says:

    I’m not a linguist. I’ve taken enough foreign language classes with a linguist to know that the SCIENCE of LANGUAGE is not within my capacity to organize. But, if I could walk in your footsteps with the Logic Stage Ancient lessons you’ve written, then I can impart language arts to my three children. I’ve, thus, linked your CHOLL site to my blog and wanted to let you know that people might acquaint us together. I’m sorry for any bad “light” that might put on you. Paige at Elemental Science puts up with my comments because I buy and use her stuff. I will discontinue my references on the blog to you only because you didn’t ask for my acquaintance by GIVING away your materials. Your stuff is wonderful. My use isn’t always exemplary.

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