Book lists for Middle Ages (Grammar Stage & Logic Stage)

Ok, I I’ve decided that the following books are the ones I’m going to do for Middle Ages.  With some hesitation I’m using multiple Magic Tree House books for Grammar Stage Middle Ages.  One of the reasons is that I want the average second-grade student to be able to access most of the books independently.  Another reason is that it was sometimes difficult to find an appropriate alternative.

When I choose books for Classical House of Learning Literature, I try to limit my selection to books that fit the time and culture and focus, are engaging and interesting, are not too expensive, and are more likely to be readily available in book stores and libraries.  I try to avoid books that seem in danger of going out of print and I avoid using books that are out-of-print.  For Middle Ages there were two books that I decided not to use, even though I personally like them: Mary Pope Osborne’s Favorite Medieval Tales and Eric Kimmel’s Sword of the Samurai.

At this point I have all of the books in my possession.  I will be uploading the lessons as I finish each one.  You will find the completed lessons for Grammar Stage Middle Ages on this page.  You will find the completed lessons for Logic Stage Middle Ages on this page.

I decided to swap the Lesson 15 books.  The Lyon’s Roar deals with the topics of puberty and first love and is better suited for middle grade students.  I decided to swap The Lyon’s Roar and The Shakespeare StealerThe Shakespeare Stealer is Lesson 15 of Grammar Stage now.

Grammar Stage List

  1. The Sword in the Tree and The Kitchen Knight
  2. My Sister Shahrazad: Tales from the Arabian Nights
  3. Call It Courage
  4. Viking Ships at Sunrise
  5. D’Aulaire’s Book of Norse Myths
  6. The Minstrel in the Tower
  7. Robin Hood (Usborne Young Reading Series Two)
  8. Dragon of the Red Dawn
  9. **Russian Fairy Tales selected
  10. The Door in the Wall
  11. **Shakespeare Stories: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, The Taming of the Shrew, King Lear
  12. Pedro’s Journal
  13. The Apprentice
  14. Monday with a Mad Genius
  15. The Shakespeare Stealer
  16. Pirates Past Noon

**Selected stories within this book are also used for Logic Stage Middle Ages.

Logic Stage List

  1. The Sword in the Circle and Beowulf: A Retelling
  2. One Thousand and One Arabian Nights
  3. A Single Shard
  4. Son of Charlemagne
  5. Nordic Gods and Heroes
  6. The Canterbury Tales
  7. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
  8. The Samurai’s Tale
  9. **Russian Fairy Tales selected
  10. A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver
  11. **Shakespeare Stories: Othello, King Richard II, King Henry IV. Part One, Twelfth Night, The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet
  12. The King’s Fifth
  13. The Inferno of Dante
  14. The Second Mrs. Gioconda
  15. The Lyon’s Roar
  16. Walk the World’s Rim

**Selected stories within this book are also used for Grammar Stage Middle Ages.


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I've been homeschooling since 2005. I have six children (born 2000 - 2012). We are eclectic in our approach with a bit more Well-Trained Mind philosophy over anything else.
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2 Responses to Book lists for Middle Ages (Grammar Stage & Logic Stage)

  1. JCH says:

    I purchased all the books you plan to use for the middle ages and they look awesome. We will be so excited to download your middle ages program when you are finished We have been using your Ancient’s program for the last few weeks (we were already doing SOTW when we stumbled upon your site) and are loving it. One suggestion/request I have relates to the comprehension questions. I too believe in SWB’s idea that too much comprehension questions can suck the joy out of reading so I have mostly been doing any comprehension questions orally this year with my 2nd grader. However, it would be nice if the questions were also in the student guide in case there were days she was feeling independent and wanting to answer the questions by herself or if I was tied up with work or another child and I wanted her to do them on her own. For the most part I will be doing them orally but it would be nice to have that option where the questions (without answers) were in her workbook and so she could follow along with me when I do read the questions. Thanks!

    • Laura says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying Ancients. The questions are in the Level 2 student pages, but not the Level 1 pages. So, Level 2 is for independent/written work and Level 1 is for oral work. 🙂

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